Why Psy-TaP?

Psy-TaP was born from a need to change the way we approach therapy to fit in with today’s time poor society and with a solution focused, rather than problem focused approach.

Kevin Laye, it’s founder, has taken an engineer’s mindset to create a system where we look at the epistemology the ‘how do we do that?’ in regard to emotional problems, and then found a way to stop the process from happening, a kind of massive pattern interrupt, but with foundations based in Biomechanics and neuroscience.

Psy-TaP has been designed to fit in with whatever therapy system you currently use and compliment and enhance it. It draws on all Kevin’s skills from NLP, Hypnosis, Psychotherapy and many Psychosensory based energy psychologies to create what he believes to be the fastest and most effective system available.

We are a self-supporting community of what are remarkable Practitioners.

Oh yes… and we are all Jedi’s too

What is Psy-TaP?

Psy-TaP is a set of techniques and the creation of it’s founder Kevin Laye. It is a blending of proven techniques, many of them with strong neuroscience based processes. The techniques are rapid in their application from one second to a couple of minutes.

The system has a Kaizen ‘continuous improvement’ philosophy and is developing all the time by both Kevin and the practitioners. We are constantly evolving…

How does Psy-TaP work?

  • Simple application of easy to remember techniques, which either stop totally, or allow you to have control over a negative emotion or state
  • The techniques have neuro-science and neurobiology underpinning their effectiveness
  • The techniques are fast, powerful and do not require a belief in them, for them to work
  • Speed is our key to success

Quotes applicable to Psy-TaP

“Employ your time in improving yourself by other men’s writings, so that you shall gain easily what others have laboured hard for.”
― Socrates

“Learn everything you can and keep what is useful and discard the rest”
– Bruce Lee

“Not one of us is as smart as all of us”
Tom Peters author of ‘In pursuit of excellence’

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