Psy-TaP Kaizen Day

Updates to your knowledge and new developments.  Come and share a great day with your fellow ‘Jedis’

This day is for those that have already studied the Psy-Tap Practitioners Course.

Venue:  Ramada Telford

Date: Sunday 1st July 2018

Price is £90 for the day

Psy-TaP Kaizen Day

Updates to your knowledge and new developments.  Come and share a great day with your fellow ‘Jedis’

This day is for those that have already studied the Psy-Tap Practitioners Course.

Venue:  To be confirmed

Date: Sunday 2nd December 2018

Price is £90 for the day

PsyTaP Certification Course

We are delighted to announce officially the date for the exclusive Psy-TaP training for 2018. The dates are 11th and 12th of June 2018.

The venue is the Fabulous, and opulent Rushton Hall, check it out here, This is the future home for Psy-TaP trainings globally.  We will be taking over the whole establishment so it will be exclusively ours. It boasts beautiful rooms, and is set in 25 acres of land with a lake. It has a Spa and pool and also an award-winning chef. This is a residential training and as such we are limited by the capacity of the venue. So there are only 46 places available.

There is also, only one training per year, which makes this a very exclusive training. Kevin ‘only’ teaches this training in the UK, at this venue from now on.

He is also the only trainer, so you cannot learn these techniques anywhere else.

He has done this to ensure quality control in the practitioners. It will take 15 years to get 1000 certified practitioners globally. That gives the qualified practitioners real ‘exclusivity’ and the value, which comes with that exclusivity.

So why Psy-TaP?

Well the first thing is it is not therapy, although the outcomes are very therapeutic. It is also not just tapping. TaP stands for ‘Techniques and Principles’. It is based on putting an engineering mind-set to emotional and Physical issues.

As humans we are systems, and my position is if we can understand the epistemology of an issue, then we can break the pattern right at the front end, before it develops into a problem.

With Psy-TaP we disable the ability to do something, and we do it fast. Done at the speed of electricity. We now have over 200 certified practitioners who have trained over the past 3 years, so the case for Psy-TaP as an effective system is proven.

Now is the time to make it exclusive and sought after. Remember the A Team from the 80’s. If you can find them, if you can afford them, then ‘maybe’ you can hire the A Team. Elite is the key here.

What is Psy-TaP?

It is the creation of it’s Founder, Kevin Laye.

He has over years, invested in much training, to trainer or master trainer level. A few years ago he decided it was time to stop teaching other people’s stuff, and to develop his system, and thus began Psy-TaP.

He decided to take an evolutionary, and revolutionary approach to create a unique and rapid system that could be taught and understood quickly by the trainees. He also wanted to make it a lot of fun. Or as he prefers to call it ‘Phun’.

He combined his training experiences, and his engineering background and along with some intuition and curiosity he began the journey with Psy-TaP.

To protect the system and himself, he took out full IP (Intellectual Property) process, and he protects his system, and his trainees with this, to ensure they have the highest standards and quality control in the Psy-TaP ‘family’.

They also have an amazing support network and a philosophy that ‘not one of us is as smart or as powerful as all of us’. Like a family, they look after each other.

It has taken him three years to develop, and evolve the system to the point it is currently at, so he can provide an amazing experience to trainees. We also have a Kaizen philosophy where we are constantly learning and developing. There are however no ‘Master Practitioner’ levels or anything like that. Once certified, that is it. No annual licence payments or any of that nonsense.

How do you become a Practitioner?

As of 2018, Kevin is only running one training a year, that’s it. You can book here at

The first 26 places will be £2000 and the remaining 20 places will be £2500. This is an action price, not an early bird. Payment is in full upon booking. Kevin does not have a credit licence and never will have. He practices what he teaches and he covers some of this business modelling in the training at a bonus evening workshop.

The Psy-TaP trainings are fully underwritten by all the main Holistic insurance companies. Included in your certification is a year’s subscription to the College of Medicine.

Your attendance on the training includes:

  • Training and certification
  • All materials – you do not need to bring anything
  • Accommodation and food at Rushton Hall throughout the training. (If you choose to extend your stay Kevin is currently negotiating a special rate for you to have an extra night or too at this beautiful place.)
  • 1 Years subscription to College of Medicine
  • Access to Psy-TaP Jedi page… (You can join the Psy-TaP Padawan page on Facebook before though.) The Jedi page offers you access to all the other practitioners and their combined knowledge and skill sets. We share freely, and support each other like no other group he have ever seen.
  • Access to twice yearly Kaizen development days, should you wish to come. These are ‘Phun’ low cost, learning and development days. (All profits from Kaizen days go to the Psy-TaP foundation)

You will be fully supported, throughout the training, by Kevin, and four of his top coaches, some of whom are Medical doctors, to ensure you have the best experience during the training. We will have a one to nine ratio of coach to delegate. As stated earlier, quality control and safety is paramount.

What if I become a Jedi?

You will become an elite practitioner, with an amazing skill set, feel free to speak to any of those who have qualified to date to see how it has benefitted their practices. You will have an exclusivity, which you can charge accordingly for. It costs more to hire a Bentley than a Ford saloon!

Psy-TaP is making waves and we have a tech-based version in development, which already has undergone trailing in its early form with formidable success.

We are in exciting times, do you want to be on the train with us on the journey or on the platform watching the train leave the station?

Course Content:

Day 1

  • The body as an electromagnetic and electrochemical organ
  • Fields and field effects
  • Toroid fields
  • Classic and Quantum energy concepts in healing
  • Body polarity issues and their role in illness and wellness
  • Voltmeter testing • Meridian system and its healing modalities
  • PTFT/EFT et al Meridian healing techniques
  • Questioning skills and techniques to uncover ‘root’ causations

Day 2

  • Remote healing principles and techniques
  • Power of placebo and Nocebo
  • Psychosensory touch techniques
  • V.C.A.R.T Light pen therapy
  • Principles of Neurology and the Neurosciences of energy medicine
  • Haptic ‘feedback’ testing techniques
  • Introduction into the Balance Procedure
  • Putting your practice together, scope of practice, business models etc.

The course is highly practical with lots of opportunity to practice what is being taught. The aim is for you to be able to ‘do’ the interventions comfortably and competently at the conclusion of the two days.

Dates: 11th and 12th of June 2018
Times: 9am to 5pm
VenueRushton Hall, Northampton
Cost: £2500 which includes food and accomodation
Underwritten by Holistic Insurance