F.A.S.T. COURSE hosted by Karl Smith and Kevin Laye

Course Content:

Freakin Awesome Speedy Techniques

  • Rapid inductions, Karl’s and Kevin’s
  • The fastest pattern interrupt techniques from Psy TaP Speed NLP techniques (not classic or new code models…this is all my creation)…not in the books
  • Sleight of Gob patterns and confusion strategies
  • At least 60% of the time you doing the techniques…we demo and you do…. no dry theory….just crack on and make rapid changes.
  • 2 days 2 experts in speed therapy delivery

This is NOT conventional ‘therapy’ type training…this is FAST, hence the acronym. If you want to stay SLOW Systemised Learning over weeks then this is not for you…… we are packing in a huge amount in this weekend and you will be busy ‘doing’ what we teach you. Maybe invest in a can of Red Bull for Sunday ūüôā


Date: 25th and 26th November 2017
Times: 09:30 Р17:00 Saturday and 09:00 Р16:30 Sunday
Venue: Premier Inn, Bath Road, Heathrow
Cost: £550

Psy-TaP Kaizen Day

Updates to your knowledge and new developments. ¬†Come and share a great day with your fellow ‘Jedis’

This day is for those that have already studied the Psy-Tap Practitioners Course.

Venue:  Ramada Hotel, Telford

Date: Sunday 3rd December 2017

Price is £60 for the day

Developing a success mindset in therapy

Money as an energy
Carpe Diem
Time Cost versus value Value
Engineering Power of a niche
Creating a vibrational model
Power of consistency
Wealth mindset
‘The’ economy is not ‘your’ economy
Projects versus Goals
Plus much more…

Dates: Saturday 2nd December
Venue: Ramada Hotel, Telford
Price: £100