Kevin Laye. D. Psy Founder of Psy-Tap, Published Author, International trainer and speaker
Dr. Mark Chambers GP and GP trainer. Trainer in NLP, Clinical practitioner of multiple modalities
Janet Thomson. MSc Published author, Health weight and Nutrition expert and multi modality practitioner
Steve McNulty. CEO CEO of Visbuzz and CEO trainer for Vistage. Therapist and specialist in business growth and development for therapists.

  As a team we are focused on teaching you a set of integrated systems and skills enabling you to have flexibility of application, create solution focused agile thinking, leading to rapid change work often rapidly, and using techniques with proven efficacy. We wish to provide you with lots of tools or ‘toys’ to work and play with. “If all you have is a hammer then everything tends to look like a nail”. Our goal is to teach you the best of the best techniques so you get the best outcomes.